Now... The Spray pal 

splatter shield 

ships for free on all orders!

*United States Only

*The Spray Pal splatter shield ships for free when purchased alone, 

and its shipping value 

will be deducted from any order it is combined with.

Also...While supplies last...recieve a free diaper of our choice when 

you purchase the "What do I do with the 

poop bundle"!  

Our patented Spray Pal splatter shield paired with our diaper sprayer

makes pre-rinsing cloth diapers easy and mess-free

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Blog Reviews

I’ve figured out that I can adjust the pressure on my shower head, so my Sp ray Pal-ing has gotten even better! ... You can fold the Spray Pal shut over the diaper while still over the toilet to squeeze...

- Maman Loup's Den

Now that I own a Spray Pal, I see how beneficial it is to have a flat surface for the diaper to lay on while you’re spraying. The clip holds it securely in place, and I don’t have to worry about folding it a certain way...

- Apron Strings Attached

This thing is AMAZING. Could I be over exaggerating? No. I hate poop. It used to make me gag. Being a mom of two toddlers, I deal with a lot of poop.And this made my job just a tad bit easier...

- Fluff Bum Babies

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Spray Pal® is more than just a cloth diapering accessory, it's a community. What started as one family's simple solution to spraying cloth diapers has grown into a line of helpful products from a brand you can trust.

More than that, Spray Pal has become a community of support for anyone interested in learning about modern cloth diapers as we work to promote the mission we started in 2013, with the hashtag #makeclothmainstream™

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