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The Baby Guy “Goes Cloth” and the Spray Pal is a clear winner! Featured in Green Child Magazine’s 5th Annual Eco Baby Gear Guide The Top Five Most Brilliant (And Disgusting) Inventions for Babies Spray Pal Diaper Sprayer named the Best New Diapering Accessory of 2014

Blog Reviews...

Maman Loup's Den
"I’ve figured out that I can adjust the pressure on my shower head, so my Spray Pal-ing has gotten even better! ... You can fold the Spray Pal shut over the diaper while still over the toilet to squeeze out all the water, and then carry the wet diaper to your diaper pal and just drop it in… no drips on the floor marking your pathway!"

Apron Strings Attached
"Now that I own a Spray Pal, I see how beneficial it is to have a flat surface for the diaper to lay on while you’re spraying. The clip holds it securely in place, and I don’t have to worry about folding it a certain way, or keeping it low in the toilet. I can spray away full blast with no worries of spray back or the mess going anywhere other than in the toilet."

Fluff Bum Babies
"This thing is AMAZING. Could I be over exaggerating? No. I hate poop. It used to make me gag. Being a mom of two toddlers, I deal with a lot of poop. And this made my job just a tad bit easier."

Mommy by Nurture
"Easy and efficient! (My husband) enjoyed how easy it was that he asked if I had another dirty diaper laying around to use again!"

Itty Bitty Birth Services
"Diaper sprayers make cleaning diapers feel like an extreme sport. The only issue is the splatter associated with spraying pressurized water onto loose poo. Keeping an unsplattered bathroom is really a skill that takes a whole lot of time and a whole lot of errors, unless you get yourself a Spray Pal."

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