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Thistle Farms

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Thistle Farms :

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Thistle Farms Home & Body
By hand, the women of Thistle Farms make natural bath and body products that are good for the earth and for the body. We use premium, natural ingredients to create products that offer healing to ourselves and the world. The women of Thistle Farms become specialists in the areas of manufacturing, inventory, book keeping, sales and office administration. We are committed to growing in order to employ more women and share our stories of healing on a larger scale.

Thistle Farms Social Enterprises

Thistle Farms's social enterprises employs residents and graduates of the residential program. We operate a natural bath and body product line, the Thistle Stop Cafe, the Studios Workshop and Thistle Farms Global Marketplace. Housed in an 11,000 sq. ft. facility in Nashville, Thistle Farms is a supportive workplace where women acquire the skills they need to earn a living wage. We employ 45-50 residents or graduates, and through our Global partners, another 1,000 women are employed. Half of the leadership team of Thistle Farms are residents and graduates of the program.

Lip Balm by Thistle Farms

  • 8 oz, 35+ hour burn time.
  • Earth friendly and Vegan.
  • Fragrant and residue free.

Bathe your home in rich natural scents with these handmade soy candles. A few minutes alone with this gently flickering light can be the perfect reset button. At Thistle Farms, we light a candle daily for the woman who is still on the streets, or anyone we love, who can not find their way home.

Our candles are made with 100% cotton wick candles, so they burn clean at approximately 35+ hours.

Healing Oils by Thistle Farms

Use Thistle Farms healing oils as a light scent on skin, to utilize the healing properties of essential oils or to calm and quiet the spirit. 0.22 oz each.

Ahimsa: Sow seeds of universal love and non-violence. Sweet orange, cinnamon, clove, sandalwood and cedarwood.
  • Rejuvenation: The Vitamin C properties in Moringa help reduce fine lines and signs of aging. Use for healthier, younger looking skin. Moringa oleifera seed and lavender.
  • Contemplation: Restore mind and body for reflection. Jasmine, frankincense, myrrh and grapefruit.

  • Product Ingredients

    • Our products and ingredients are not tested on animals.
    • Our essential oils are steam distilled or expeller pressed. They are not extracted using chemicals or a chemical process.
    • Our Lavender, Rose Geranium, and Tea Tree Mint product scents are 100% essential oils.
    • Our Balsam Fir, Citrus Vanilla, Holiday Spice, Inspiration (candle), Lemon Sage, and Tuscan Earth product scents contain fragrance oils.
    • Our healing oils and bath salts contain blends of 100% essential oils.
    • Our body butter, candles, room spray, shower gel, hand soap, and lotions are vegan products (containing no animal products at all).
    • Our body balm, body polish, and lip balms are non-vegan, as they contain beeswax , along with the lip smoothie, which contains lanolin.

    1. SOY WAX: Does not contain palm wax, petroleum, paraffin, or beeswax products. 100% vegetable. Made from only U.S. grown soybeans. Does not contain pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified materials. Kosher certified. All natural and biodegradeable.
    2. VYBAR: Synthetic polymer used to bind fragrance and essential oils with the wax. Our candles contain an extremely small percentage of this, and we are working toward deleting it from our recipe altogether.
    3. WICK: 100% Cotton. Contains no heavy metals.

    1. BEESWAX: Thickening agent, emulsifier, emollient, & humectant. Beeswax will not clog pores. Provides healing, antiseptic, antioxidant & softening properties.
    2. OLIVE OIL: Olive oil is high in antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Provides smoothing and emollients properties for the skin.
    3. SWEET ALMOND OIL: Easily absorbed, emollient, skin soother, softener, has anti-inflammatory properties. Helps regenerate and condition damaged & tired skin, heals skin irritation like dryness & itchiness.
    4. SHEA BUTTER: Extracted from shea tree nuts. High in Vitamins A, E, and F, which are all antioxidants, and is also high in good fats for moisturizing skin.

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